Claim Reporting

What should I report?

  • Any procedure with an adverse outcome
  • Notice of a patient dissatisfied with services provided
  • Patient or attorney demands for compensation/payment
  • Medical record requests
  • Deposition requests
  • Requests from the Board of Healing Arts
  • Receiving service of a Summons & Petition
  • Receipt of a Subpoena

If you are not sure whether or not something classifies as an incident, give us a call. We are happy to help! If it is not something covered by your medical malpractice insurance policy, we will do our best to point you in the right direction for getting the assistance that you need.


Call MoDocs immediately at 800.264.5959 and ask for the Claims Department. We will have questions for you, and will request the following information initially:


  • Medical records
  • A copy of any papers received (summons & petition, demand letter, etc.)
  • The date that you received any paperwork indicating a claim was being made
  • Any other documentation that may be needed to evaluate your claim or incident


DO NOT discuss the case with anyone other than your appointed legal counsel.

DO NOT alter medical records in any way.

DO NOT make any comments about the care provided by any other professional.

DO NOT investigate the medical literature.

DO NOT assume any liability or make any settlement without MoDocs’ consent.

DO NOT give a statement or attend any meeting with any attorney concerning professional services you have rendered unless approved by MoDocs. Doing so can void your coverage.

Online Form

Claims Department Contact

In the event of any incident our main claims number is here.


Our fax number is printed right at the top of the .pdf form, but just in case you can’t find it here it is again.


Direct Download Link

Direct Download link for MoDocs printable Claim Form

The simplest method to report an incident is to fill out the online incident form by clicking the online form image above.  Alternatively you can download / print / fax the .pdf version as well.  These 2 methods were designed to help you report an incident as quickly as possible, but if you experience any difficulty  at all using one of the following options don’t hesitate to call us at 800.264.5959

It is important to report any issues relating to the medical treatment of a patient in a timely manner in order to ensure coverage in the event an incident becomes a claim.  Be sure to reread the list above of what we feel constitutes an incident and what you should and shouldn’t do when one takes place.

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