Notable News for the Week: July 6th, 2018

Notable News for the Week: July 6th, 2018

Smart Bandages Designed to Monitor and Tailor Treatment for Chronic Wounds

A prototype bandage has been designed to actively monitor chronic wounds and deliver appropriate drug treatments to approve the chances of healing.

How Young You Feel May Reflect the True Age of Your Brain

A new study shows that subjective age may more accurately predict how your brain really looks.

It’s Official: Spending Time Outside is Good for You

Spending time has wide-ranging health benefits according to new research.

Chemotherapy Enhanced by Disused Antipsychotic

A molecule in the drug may help minimize drug resistance.

Combining Antibiotics Changes Their Effectiveness

Combining antibiotics can alter the effects of antibiotics as well as their effectiveness a study finds.

Study Shows How ‘Friendly’ Bacteria Keep Our Gut Healthy

New research reveals important information about the good bacteria and how it helps our biological systems.

Mercy Shares EHR Data with Johnson & Johnson to Help Improve Its Medical Devices

The collaboration uses real-world clinical data to track device performance.






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