MoDocs’ Legal Team: Hitting a Grand Slam in 2015

For the fourth time in 2015, MoDocs’ legal defense team has gone to bat defending doctors in jury trials. On each occasion, their hard work and brilliant defense strategies have resulted in victories for our members. The grand finale came on October 22nd with a unanimous verdict from a Pike County jury. The plaintiffs in this case put on an extensive presentation, bringing in expert witnesses from all over the country and taking almost two weeks to present their case. Plaintiff’s counsel, Brown & Crouppen, who claim to be “the winningest law firm in Missouri,” demanded the jury award 5.9 million dollars in damages. The MoDocs defense team, headed up by Randy Bauman of the Bauman Law Firm in Chesterfield, presented the doctor’s case to the jury in a surgically crafted defense that shredded the plaintiffs claim, proving not only that our doctor did not fall below the standard of care but indeed provided good medical care. The result? It took the jury only 40 minutes to return a unanimous verdict in favor of our doctor.

This case makes it a grand slam of four wins and no losses in 2015!

Winning is nothing new to MoDocs’ defense team. With a success rate at trial well in excess of 90%, MoDocs insureds know they are in good hands with a legal team that is second to none. Obviously, all of us know that litigation is expensive. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on individual cases in order to bring to MoDocs’ members the highest quality legal defense and the best possible experts. More importantly, MoDocs recognizes that few experiences in a physician’s career can be as devastating as a malpractice lawsuit. When faced with being sued, doctors deserve experienced, sensitive and responsive legal help. Doctors insured by MoDocs can live without fear of lawsuits or litigation knowing they have the very finest attorneys on their team.

Finally, this type of defense can only be presented by a well-managed, financially sound provider like MoDocs.

MoDocs serving Missouri Doctors for 10 years